How To Perform Your Own Vision Quest


The vision quest process has been taking place for thousands of years by people all around the world. It is used to protect against claims in today's litigious climate against negligent professional services.

From the native American Indians to the Aboriginals of Australia and the Kalahari Bushmen. From the Mende tribes of West Africa to the Mayan Indians of Guatemala, members of tribes from all around the world have discovered the power of doing their own vision quest when the time arises.

A vision quest is about spending time alone in nature. The reason for spending time alone in nature is that it acts as a vehicle to allow you to get back in touch with your true nature. Back in touch with who you really are. It allows you to leave the constant chatter of your mind behind. It allows you to leave your trained conditioning behind. And it allows you the space to connect with Spirit again.

For when you connect with spirit, you touch again your true purpose for being on this planet. You see, we were all born with unique gifts to show the world. However with conditioning from society and our friends and family we lose touch with our real reason for being on the planet.

That is the reason why people from traditional tribes such as a shaman encouraged their youth to embark on vision quests just before puberty. For during a nature quest and shaman healing they would get to look into the deepest recess of their soul and listen to it's gentle whispers. The subtle guidance from spirit. To put them back on the real path of why they are here.

Time spent alone in nature like this with a focused intention allows the volume of the constant chatter in your mind to quieten. And with the right tools allows the volume of the subtle whispers of your soul to expand. That is when you start to hear the guidance of your spirit and shamanism. The subtle and gentle whispers of your soul. And hear what it has been guiding you to do for a long, long time.

Essentially there are three stages to a nature quest.

The first stage is a preparatory stage before entering the wilderness. This is time for you to get clear on your intention of what you want to get out of your vision quest. For some, they are at a transition in their life and want to find guidance and direction of the right path for their soul to take.

Others decide to do a vision quest to connect more closely with spirit and their soul. And others yet decide to do a vision quest to simply seek guidance from spirit.

Before going on a nature quest it is essential that you become crystal clear on your intention for wanting to go on the journey.

Once you are clear on your intention, it is then time to go on a nature walk. Simply find a national park or similar place in the wilderness that you feel attracted to. Traditionally, some cultures used ayahuasca during their vision quest, but there is no need to get the full benefits. Usually your first instinct for a location is the right place for your soul to open at that time.

Once you have decided on the location, then it is time for you to find your 'power spot'. This is the place where you will spend your time during your nature quest. To find your power spot, it is best to go on a nature walk the day before your quest begins.

Simply venture out into the wilderness and follow your heart. Allow your heart to guide you through the wilderness... rather than your head and it's thoughts. Obviously you need to take safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings whilst finding your power spot.

Once you have found your power spot, it is then time to return home for your final preparations before your vision quest in nature. In the weeks leading up you should start to purify your mind, body and spirit. Traditionally this was done via a sweat lodge.

Simplify your life by letting go of commitments that you feel no longer serve you. Purify your thoughts by letting go of anger, fear and jealousy. And purify your body by cutting down on coffee and junk food, and eating a healthy balanced diet. Be sure to also stay fully hydrated in the lead-up to your visionquest.

Now you are ready to go on your vision quest. Make sure you tell a close friend or a relative what you are intending to do, where you will be spending your time and when you will be returning from your vision quest. Also take a cell phone with you and make sure your power spot has reception before venturing out into nature to do your vision quest.

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